Big Stories


Jim and Alex were first matched in the School-Based Mentoring Program in 2015 when Alex was seven.  Alex lives in a single- parent home with his mother and also has wonderful, involved grandparents in his life. At school, Jim would visit with Alex once a week to have lunch, play board games, read books and share other engaging activities. With BBBS support, the friends  developed a consistent relationship in which Jim has been a  caring positive role-model for Alex!

In the summer of 2016 the friends transitioned their match to the Community-Based Program. They have frequented theatre performances at Maine State Music Theatre and the Chocolate Church Arts Center. One of Alex’s favorite activities with Jim is furthering his wood-working skills and creating various projects in Jim’s workshop.

The friends have also participated in volunteer activities, such as bagging and delivering gleaned produce to over 20 families in Georgetown as part of the town’s gleaning program. They have also raked leaves/debris and helped replace bog bridges with the Georgetown Conservation Commission. Jim expressed that, “Alex was the only kid that helped with the project and he was very proud to represent his school and BBBS.” The many  hands-on projects and valuable volunteer experiences Alex has shared with Jim are helping to build skills and confidence that support him in achieving his full potential!

“Thank you for the support of this wonderful program. We all think the world of Jim and are grateful for his involvement.”

– Alex's Grandmother

"Anne is one of the most important people in my life."

– Little Aftyn


Aftyn was starting fifth grade when her family moved from Brunswick to Georgetown. She had a School-Based Big at her previous school, and was hoping to connect with a Big Sister in her new community. Aurora, BBBS Program Director, knew that Anne, an alumni Big Sister and Arrowsic resident, would be an excellent Big for Aftyn! They were matched in the fall of 2013 and hit it off right away.

Aftyn was facing adversities in addition to moving and changing schools. Anne has provided a steady, caring, encouraging and positive relationship during times of transition. She has  regularly attended Aftyn’s school events and helped her learn how to swim at the YMCA. The pair have fond memories of beach days, and the very first time Aftyn swam in the ocean was with Anne! They enjoy boating and fishing on the Kennebec River, planning and cooking meals, and attending church. The friends have also spent time volunteering, including preparing and serving bagged lunches to people at Preble Street in Portland. Anne has also been by Aftyn’s side throughout her high school years. Through shared experiences with Anne, Aftyn says, “I’ve learned that I really want to help people after I graduate.” Aftyn is now a high school senior, and identifies that Anne has become part of her extended family. Their relationship will continue to be a valuable support through Aftyn’s next transition following graduation from high school.