Some companies will double, triple, or quadruple your charitable donations! Many companies offer employee matching. When you make a donation to a BBBS of Bath/Brunswick and request a match from your employer, the company then makes a donation to the same nonprofit.

Contact your company’s human resources department if you can’t find information about your workplace giving options, or you need additional information. If employee matching isn’t part of your benefits package, you can always suggest your company start a matching program or ask if they offer other charitable incentives, such as volunteer opportunities or workplace giving, which sets up your charitable giving through an automatic payroll deduction.

Make sure your charitable donation falls within the rules of your employer’s matching or giving program. Most employers will only match donations to registered 501(c)(3) organizations – BBBS of Bath/Brunswick is a 501(c)(3). You should also be prepared to fill out a form and provide a record of your donation, such as a receipt.