Did you hear that? It's the sound of change!

By using a BBBS barcode-tagged CLYNK bag to recycle your redeemable bottles and cans, you're raising money for us while preserving the planet!
That's double karma points!

How Can YOU CLYNK for Change? It's easy!

STEP 1. Email us to arrange a time to pick up your free green CLYNK bags and tags from the BBBS office. (You can also just use our bar codes on your purchased bags)

STEP 2. Attach the BBBS barcode-tag to each CLYNK bag as instructed.

STEP 3. Collect cans and bottles for recycling at your home or business.

STEP 4. Return bags to any Hannaford store. No waiting, no counting!


All the money from your CLYNK bottle returns goes directly to BBBS of Bath/Brunswick through the CLYNK account!

Learn more about CLYNK