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Our community is truly amazing. We are so thrilled to share that we have raised over $56,000 toward our Big Futures Fund! What started as a very generous $5,000 matching challenge grant from Priority Real Estate Group's Jim Howard became a $25,000 match from several other businesses and community members. With your help, we met and exceeded our goal. Thank you to everyone who made a gift, at any level, toward this important and much-needed outcome.

As we continue to rise to the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has created for our most vulnerable community members, children are continuing to meet in one-to-one mentoring relationships with their Big Brothers and Sisters either in person with new safety conscious protocols or in a variety of virtual settings. Our professional staff are working individually with each child, volunteer and family to meet their needs. We are also looking forward to partnering again with our area schools as soon as possible to continue providing services.

Our work could not be more urgent.

It is of critical importance that youth continue in their professionally supported matches with their Big Brothers and Sisters and that we find the right volunteer to match with each child that is waiting to be matched. While the influx of funding from the Safeguarding Big Futures Fund will help keep us on track, we have challenging times ahead. Our funding has changed completely in the wake of Covid-19 and your direct contributions are making all the difference for our organization. BBBS of Bath/Brunswick is expecting a substantial loss of $100,000 or 36% of our budget due to unforeseen Covid-19 forced changes in fundraising events. The matching part of the campaign is over, but the fund is still active and will help to ensure our agency remains strong.

Children served by BBBS programs face exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) at a much higher rate than the general population. Now these ACEs are being compounded by social isolation and stress. Once we are through this immediate crisis, we know that our children and families will continue to feel lasting, profound effects. BBBS Community and School-Based Mentoring Programs are evidence-based to have the greatest positive impact for the youth that need us most. Mentoring develops key social and emotional skills that children need to build resilience, face challenges and achieve future successes. This is good for everyone in the family!

Your gift – no matter the size – makes all the difference.

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